led strips

The company HOKASU has developed a highlight with the most succulent colors, Having introduced LEDs of a new generation. Now you can turn the familiar situation Your home in a magnetic place, in the source of your strength, inspiration and love. Create an effect Color therapy, both from visiting the best SPA-salons!

Proved by scientists, confirmed by us - lighting has a huge impact on the chemistry of the senses, And hence family well-being. The body submits to color and responds by releasing hormones - happiness (Endorphins), tranquility (melatonin) and passion (cortisol).

With the help of perfect illumination, controlled from the console or smartphone, You program the mood of your evening, day, and maybe life. Purple Will adjust bioenergetic balance. The youth of the spirit will return the green. Will give strength to new achievements Blue, will adjust to positive thoughts - yellow. A red color will awaken Passion and nourish with sexual energy.
5050 Q60 24V

Using premium-class LED tapes, you can create a comfortable environment for the eyes without unnecessary shadows and glare.