Refueling zone

Depending on the format and number of fuel dispensers, the throughput of filling stations can reach up to 650 vehicles per day, which, of course, affects the decrease in the concentration of employees and their efficiency. Filling station lighting must provide a safe and comfortable working environment for any flow load.
Recommended illumination levels are 200 lux at ground level (horizontal illumination) and 100 lux at fuel dispenser level (vertical illumination).
As mentioned above, the specifics of work in this area requires a high concentration of attention of the gas station employees during the entire working time, so preference should be given to light sources with a cold color temperature of 5000 K. The color rendering index should be at least 70.

The technological process of servicing fuel dispensers provides for regular washing of fixtures from below, which imposes increased requirements on the moisture protection of lighting equipment and the tightness of its design - it is recommended to use fixtures with IP66 and higher.

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