Railway lighting

Railway transport is the largest consumer of electricity and a particularly important sector for the development of the country's economy and industry. The creation of energy efficient lighting systems is a key task to ensure the normal functioning of the structure and compliance with safety requirements at the facilities. New programs for the development of Russian railways require the introduction of promising, science-intensive, resource- and energy-saving technical means aimed at reducing operating costs while maintaining and improving the quality of illumination. Therefore, the design of lighting at railway facilities should be carried out by specialists of a high professional level.

Light level requirements

Railways, crossings, etc. are a source of increased danger. Requirements for the degree of illumination of territories at night are regulated by EN 13272-1.


Illumination intensity, lx

Large precinct and marshalling yards

Braking positions, ways of thrusting trains on the hill


Necks and tracks of departure and reception parks, exhaust and sorting tracks, transit parks


The top of the slide and its downhill part


Uncoupling sections


Other local stations

The necks of marshalling yards


Necks and tracks of receiving and departure yards, sorting yards, exhaust, access, shunting tracks with heavy load


Necks and tracks of other stations, turnouts of passing points, sidings


Necks and paths of intermediate support stations with loading and unloading equipment


Territories with TV coverage


Ways of technical and passenger stations


Sectors for commercial inspection of rolling stock

Commercial inspection paths


Turntables, triangles, entrances to workshops and railway depots


Wagons, locomotives, other rolling stock of any purpose


Ways for external washing of TPS


Equipment devices on open tracks



Inspection ditches


Service platforms for sand-dispensing bins, equipment for diesel locomotives


Inspection sites for roof equipment, pantographs


Service ramps and stairs


Maintenance areas for freight wagons for preparation for transportation (PTO)

Wagon inspection routes


Maintenance paths


Welding areas


Ways for laying flats and gondola cars


Dead end for the installation of wheelsets


Features of lighting systems in different areas

Industrial premises. To create comfortable working conditions, two types of lighting are used:
- general (uniform or localized). Implemented from one lighting installation;
- combined. General lighting is supplemented by individual devices at each workplace.

Mobile units. In the premises of locomotives, in passenger cars, in restaurant cars, etc., specific lighting schemes for railway facilities are implemented: workers, duty, night, emergency.

Open sections of the railway. Outdoor lighting is implemented with complex stationary structures that are mounted at overtaking stations, on passenger platforms, pedestrian posts, sidings and other facilities.

Stations of all classes. Railroad lighting in this case differs from lighting systems for open areas. It is necessary to ensure good visibility not only on the platform, but also on the track development section and between the tracks, where various works are carried out around the clock. Take into account the possibility of the presence of rolling stock, the iron walls of which practically do not reflect light and create sharp shadows. Installing a high height helps to effectively illuminate between the tracks. The higher the masts and the fewer paths between them, the lower the shading coefficient and the better the illumination. .

Principles of creating lighting systems on the railway

More than 20 schemes of lighting installations have been developed for railway facilities. They differ from each other in the form of construction, type of devices, method of placement.
According to the type of design, lighting happens:

  • on free-standing masts;
  • on the crossbars of the contact network;
  • on portals - rigid elements.

A typical option for creating lighting on the railway is the installation of a number of spotlights on flexible crossbars at electrified stations and on portals up to 30 m high at non-electrified ones. Installations on the crossbars of the contact network are rarely used due to inconvenient maintenance. When installing masts with spotlights, preference is given to 30-meter structures with elongated platforms. With a support height of up to 28 m, in addition to the spotlights, devices with LED lamps with increased light output are mounted.

Selecting the lighting method

When choosing a lighting method, the technological characteristics of the territory are taken into account:

  • designation of a railway station or track park;
  • character of track development (presence and mutual arrangement of widened inter-tracks);
  • the prospect of introducing electric traction, etc.

Based on the analysis of the characteristics, the type of construction and the type of lighting devices are determined that can provide sufficient operational and lighting performance of the lighting system. HOKASU has extensive experience in creating industry solutions for Russian Railways. We will help in the creation of the project and the selection of equipment. To do this, leave a request on our website in the feedback form.

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