Railway station lighting

Station lighting is a task that must be performed by experienced professionals. The ease of use of one of the visiting cards of the city, the safety of staying on the territory, and the quality of service for passengers who are waiting for their train or have stepped onto the platform during a long stop of a passing train largely depends on how correctly this system is created. Today, when the intensity of the use of railways is growing and railway transport is actively developing, this is especially true.
Devices that are suitable for organizing lighting inside the station premises, on the street, or in pedestrian areas, can be purchased from HOKASU. Our experts will help you choose the right LED products that meet modern requirements. If necessary, lighting sources for special needs will be custom-made at the best price. We will calculate the number of fixtures needed to achieve the norm, and develop a competent lighting project. Installation of devices will be completed in a short time, and errors and inaccuracies are excluded.

General requirements for station lighting

A number of requirements are put forward for the lighting of modern transport facilities, and railway stations are no exception. . When developing project documentation, the following should be taken into account:

  • as a result of the implementation of the project in practice, the degree of illumination of the object should be sufficient for the safe movement of personnel, passengers, cargo, trains, etc. around the territory of the station;
  • Lighting should be economical, voltage - such that it does not exert excessive loads on the network. This can be achieved using LED fixtures;
  • maintenance of the system should be quick and simple (access to important line nodes is open to specialists);
  • power outages should be absent, if emergencies arise, then it is necessary that conditions be created for their prompt elimination;
  • lighting should not affect the clear visibility of signal lights;
  • devices used to illuminate the station must function in difficult climatic conditions, including low temperatures, high humidity, strong winds, etc.;
  • Installed light sources should cover a large area, which will minimize the number of working points.

RIS-7702-INS Iss1 Rail Industry Standard for Lighting at Stations refers to EN12464-1:2011 with ticket halls and concourse areas at 200 lux and ticket and luggage offices at 300 lux

What devices should be used to illuminate the station?

The right decision when creating lighting for such a transport facility as a railway station would be the use of LED lamps. These can be linear compositions in which several devices are fixed on the crossbar, point analogs, or LED strip. The advantages of installing such lighting at stations include:

  • a high degree of illumination - this indicator is important both for drivers driving a train approaching the platform, and for passengers, and station staff;;
  • softness of lighting - the absence of flickering waves reduces eye strain;
  • vibration resistance - the presence of railway tracks in the immediate vicinity of the lamps does not affect the quality of their work;
  • durability - such devices can withstand maximum loads for 15 years;
  • universality - the climate in all countries is very different, LED lighting can be arranged in any region;
  • aesthetics - LED devices look beautiful, which will positively affect the formation of the image of the station as the main gate of the city.

Please note that when lighting stations, LED products can be used both inside and outside. It is installed on passenger and cargo platforms, at railway stations, at the entrance to the building, etc. Despite the fact that in most cases the lighting control at the territory of railway stations and railway stations is control and relay, in the near future, all transport facilities will be fully converted to LED technology. The specialists of our company will be able to help with the preparation of a lighting project using LED lighting devices, select suitable models, and install them on favorable terms.
Call us at the contact number or use the application form. In the near future, our specialist will contact you to answer questions about the lighting of the railway station and discuss all the terms of cooperation. Our experts are ready to develop and implement a lighting project for both a large station and a small station.

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