Lighting for sports centres

High-quality lighting of sports facilities is an important component of their successful and durable operation. The best option to achieve this goal can be a variety of LED devices that can be purchased from HOKASU. We will help you to choose suitable models of light sources and take part in the implementation of the prepared lighting project.

Goals and objectives

The preparation of stadium lighting is aimed at achieving the following goals and objectives:

  • creating a sufficient degree of illumination of the main playing area, stands, aisles;
  • ensuring comfort for participants in sports competitions, coaching staff, spectators present at the event;
  • forming a positive image of the stadium, presenting the arena from the best side.

It should be noted that, depending on the specifics of the facility and its direct purpose, design solutions may differ significantly, but in the end they must meet the goals and objectives described above - they are universal for all types of sports facilities.

Features of building LED lighting

When preparing the lighting of sports facilities, it will not be possible to apply standard solutions. This is due to the large scale of the sites and the need to provide lighting at both high and low levels of the structure.

Most often, in the process of implementing lighting projects for such objects, the following devices are used:

  • LED spotlights. Devices are placed on special matches, which ensures coverage of a large area. As a rule, they are located at the corners of the stadium, so that the illumination of the field is effective.
  • Linear LED systems. They are installed along the perimeter of the object, mounted on suspended structures or supports. Their use makes it possible to create a uniform backlight and avoid the effect of blinding.

If necessary, prepare accent lighting can be used LED strip. It is suitable for zoning and navigation; it is mounted in the aisles between sectors, on the side parts of spectator seats, etc.

Basic requirements for sports lighting

Lighting objects of this purpose is subject to a number of requirements. Most often, projects are based on the norms prescribed in the European standard EN 12193. Entry-level clubs must provide 75 lux, 200 lux and 500 lux lighting levels on their courts, depending on the class of the game being played.

In addition, the lighting format must change if the games are to be televised. So, in this case, in the vertical plane, you need to achieve a parameter of 1200-1400 lux.

LED stadium lighting: main mistakes

The most common mistakes in practice are:

  • the level of illumination of the stadium as a whole or its individual zones is too high or excessively low;
  • placement of LED lamps in such a way that shadows appear on the field from the canopies of the stands or other structural components of the structure;
  • use of light sources that are not energy-saving and give a high degree of heating of the environment.

ULIGHT specialists will be able to help in creating the right lighting project that meets all the requirements of the lighting project on the territory of stadiums, and supply the necessary equipment.

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