Go Kart racing arenas lighting

Go-kart tracks are widely found in tourist destinations and large cities. It is often part of a large family entertainment complex.
The project also includes adjacent facilities like a reception area, kart garage, toilets etc. HOKASU are able to deliver the right LED solution for all applications.
Illumination values for lighting go kart tracks are regulated by the European standard 12193 “Lighting of sports facilities” and they are guided by when developing projects for lighting Go-kart arenas. Uniformity, absence of flicker and stroboscopic effect must be ensured for the safety of kart drivers.

Illumination values for Go-kart tracks lighting

According to EN 12193 there are 3 go kart lighting classes depending of level of competition:
  • Class I: Top level competition such as international and national competition which will generally involve large spectator capacities with long potential viewing distances.
  • Lighting Class II: Mid level competition such as regional or local club competition which generally involve medium size spectator capacities with medium viewing distances.
  • Lighting Class III: Low level competition such as local or small club competition which generally do not involve spectators.
Horizontal illuminance should be chosen according to the classes in question:
  • Lighting Class I: horizontal illuminance should be 750 lux
  • Lighting Class II: horizontal illuminance should be 500 lux
  • Lighting Class III: horizontal illuminance should be 200 lux

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