Lighting for fitness clubs and gyms

According to research, the well-being of gym-goers and their training results depend largely on how well the lighting in the room is organised. Low lighting levels result in increased fatigue and reduced performance. A sufficiently bright, cool light, on the other hand, promotes toning. HOKASU experts will help you organize the right lighting for gyms. They will select the right LED equipment and ensure that it is optimally placed.

Goals and objectives of fitness room lighting

Lighting in rooms that are intended for fitness should meet the following goals and objectives:

  • getting an invigorating atmosphere that becomes an incentive for active training and physical activity (general lighting);
  • safety of visitor stay at the facility (development of emergency and evacuation projects);
  • forming a positive image of the sports center, creating its expressive and memorable image;
  • zoning of the territory without the use of numerous structures that “eat up” the usable area.

Lighting standards for sports halls

Sports field lighting is subject to a number of applicable rules and regulations. First of all, the regulatory framework regulates the issues of the level of illumination of such objects. The figures depend on a number of factors. The main one is the sport that the visitors of the gym do. The legislative framework is represented by such documents as VSN 1-73 "Norms for electric lighting of sports facilities", a guide to SNiP 2.08.02-89 "Design of sports halls, premises for physical education and recreation and indoor ice rinks with artificial ice", SP 31-112 -2004 "Physical training and sports halls", as well as SNiP 23-05, SNiP 3.05.06.

Lighting requirements depending on the sport are as follows:

  • 500 lux - figure skating, hockey, shooting;
  • 400 lx − table tennis (ping-pong);
  • 200 lux - acrobatics, aerobics, wrestling, boxing, fencing, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics;
  • 150 lux - weightlifting and athletics, exercise therapy, checkers and chess.

You also need to take into account the requirements for lighting other rooms. The indicators are as follows: for lobbies - 150 lux, for showers and changing rooms - 75 lux.

If we are talking about lighting the territory of the gym, the capacity of which is up to 800 spectators in the stands, then when preparing a lighting project, it is necessary to lay down indicators that are one step higher than those listed above. If the scale of the object is larger, lamps will be required that provide transmission of 500-1000 lux. As for the stands, 50 lux will be enough for them.

The lighting of the gymnasium at the school is organized according to other rules. So, on the floor line there should be 200 lux, at a height of 2 meters - 75 lux. The pulsation coefficient of the lamps is no more than 20%.

Gym lighting: basic principles

Creating the right lighting in the gym is important not only to ensure the effectiveness of the classes. Overwork due to weak light, its uneven distribution can lead to a decrease in attentiveness and resulting injury. Visual comfort is very important, if it is provided, then the degree of safety of athletes increases, and fatigue does not occur so quickly.

When designing lighting in the halls, it is important to observe the following principles:

  • the created lighting system must meet the current requirements, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the sport for which the object is intended;
  • lamps that are used to create lighting must have a protective coating that prevents damage to devices if any sports equipment gets into them;
  • at least 10% of the total luminous flux in the premises for fitness and various competitions should be directed to the ceiling area;
  • if the hall is intended for practicing different sports disciplines, it is necessary to consider a lighting control system to change its parameters in each specific case.

In addition, at sports facilities - both free-standing and located in fitness centers, schools - emergency lighting should be provided. Its power supply is carried out from an additional network. Illumination of stairs should be at least 0.5 lux, sports facilities - at least 5 lux. If we are talking about a large-scale indoor facility, then the issues of evacuation lighting are solved by applying in practice the norms of UP-2 PUE “Electrical equipment of entertainment enterprises”.

Selection of lighting equipment

For gyms, you need to pick up special equipment. The best solution would be to use LED lamps on such sites. With their help you can get diffused light for uniform distribution over the entire area of the object. Excessive fascination with directional devices will lead to the appearance of unwanted glare on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The best option for gyms for fitness and other training will be the use of devices, the opening angle of which is from 120 degrees. They can be represented by built-in models or linear systems. It is also popular to use options that are mounted on the tire: their position can be adjusted if necessary.

In addition, you need to remember about decorative lighting. Inside sports facilities, it can be organized using multi-colored lamps, LED strips, etc. In addition, such devices are involved in zoning the room, dividing it into a sports part and a spectator part.

Typical mistakes when lighting sports halls

The main mistakes made in the implementation of such lighting projects are as follows:

  • creating a directional light that is too harsh, which gives shadows and highlights;
  • installation of devices with a high pulsation coefficient, use luminescent products, analogues with incandescent bulbs are not worth it, it is better to opt for LED devices;
  • chaotic placement of light sources without taking into account the peculiarities of sports discipline.

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