Airport lighting

The airport building is the first thing that the arriving passengers see, so tourists make the first impression of the city at the airport. That is why airport design is a very responsible and honorable task, in which airport lighting design plays an extremely important role in its appearance.

The guiding principle in creating an airport lighting scheme is clear zoning while maintaining unity in the perception of space. It is important to organize a comfortable and safe space for passengers and employees, as well as fit lighting fixtures into the architectural concept of the designers. Lighting standards in each unit vary depending on the functional load of the room.

Targets and goals of the light in airports

  • Ensuring the safe and comfortable stay of passengers and employees of the terminal.
  • Compliance with the architectural and artistic design and overall design of the airport building.
  • Creation of a highly efficient and reliable lighting system, convenient and easy to operate and maintain.
  • Provision of emergency and evacuation lighting.

Airport lighting is divided into:

  • general;
  • decorative.

General lighting is created in such a way as to provide sufficient light to the entire terminal area. For these purposes, lamps for high spans, wall, ceiling, suspended, overhead or track, or office lamps are used. This type of lighting can be arranged in such a way as to show visitors the direction of movement, create favorable conditions for moving inside the building. Involvement of various types of lamps, including track lamps, will help to divide the space into zones (cafe, waiting room, shops, etc.). Decorative lighting is used to create an individual airport style. For these purposes, pendant, wall-ceiling and track lamps are widely used, selected or made specifically for the design project of the airport in accordance with the architect's idea. In this context, the design of lamps, the creation of lighting compositions and effects are of particular importance.

Reliability of the lighting

It's no secret that LED luminaires are the most energy efficient and reliable indoor lighting solution these days. The reliability of luminaires is ensured by the following factors:
  • quality of the LEDs components
  • Highly efficient heat dissipation from LEDs
  • Careful selection of power supplies and control drivers to ensure long-term uninterrupted operation of luminaires.

  • Membrane luminaires in airports

    Membrane luminaires with continuous illumination are becoming increasingly popular. Such luminaires use a special stretch fabric as a diffuser and can be up to 30 square metres in size. Such a solution creates a bright and soft diffused light and causes an effect of natural lighting. Because the lighting constructions can take the form of any large geometric area, continuous-area luminaires are increasingly being used for airport design. HOKASU can produce custom-made luminaires: please contact us and we will prepare a lighting calculation and quotation for you.

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