Recessed lamp POINT

Luminaire for lamps with GU10 base. The body is supplied without lamp.

Puissance, W

Température de couleur, K


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)

Angle de faisceau

Stock Photos TitlePuissance, WTempérature de couleur, KCouleurAngle de faisceau Price

Luminaire for lamps with GU10 base. Body supplied without lamp. Recessed housing with a thin decorative frame. Distinguished by a simple mounting method. Minimalistic and modern design. Clean basic shapes. Thin decorative frame allows to hide mounting irregularities if necessary.

A ceramic base with spring clip bulb is also included. The light source in the GU10 luminaires for ceiling and wall mounting are miniature LED lamps with a bayonet base.

  • It saves energy - the required illumination is provided with less power of the lamps, because all the rays are spread only in the right direction, and not scattered to the sides;
  • Heating of the luminaire is reduced - the thermal energy released during operation is mainly reflected forward in the form of infrared radiation;
  • You can create accent lighting - for example, illuminate a painting, a statue, or highlight the work area in the room.
GU10 luminaires have a small size and laconic design, so they fit well into the interior. For general lighting, directional light sources are evenly distributed on the ceiling or walls of the room.

Ceramic base with spring clip. Bulbs included.

Housing color: black (ral9005), white (ral9003)