In the realm of lighting, the linear track lights emerge as a testament to versatility, where they can stand alone in singular brilliance or unite seamlessly to forge an unbroken river of light. Departing from the conventional, these LEDs forsake traditional reflectors and don lenses instead, sculpting a commanding surge of luminous power.

ol ls y

Power, W

  • 6
  • 12

Length, mm

  • 186.1
  • 371.6

Color temperature, K

  • 3000
  • 4000


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)

Beam angle

  • 10
  • 40
  • 60
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Power, W
Length, mm
Color temperature, K
Beam angle



The luminaire consists of a number of recessed lenses. This design reduces the amount of glare from the LED and reduces UGR (the luminaire does not dazzle others and does not cause discomfort). A wide variety of lenses allows you to find the best solution for any project, any location of the luminaire at any height. Properly directed light makes lighting more informative, emphasizing the design of the space.


The luminaire can be placed one by one or create a continuous line of light. LS series will fit perfectly into the interior of apartments, country houses, offices, shopping and fitness centers, galleries, boutiques and stores, hotels, cafes and restaurants.


The body of the luminaire is made of aircraft aluminum. The range includes ready-made solutions: Black (RAL9005) and white (RAL9003) housing colors. The body can also be painted in any of the 2000 shades from the RAL table, which allows you to harmoniously complement the design of even the most sophisticated interior. Cost of painting in non-standard color: 1000 rub./pc..

Color of glow

A choice of glow colors is available as standard: Daylight white (4000K) and warm white (3000К). The kit includes a power supply that eliminates light pulsation.

Length, mm: 190, 375.


If your project requires a luminaire with a tilt function, we recommend the LS z series. The swiveling mechanism of the linear track luminaire allows you to tilt the body within 90°, directing the light to the desired direction.

Lighting system

The HOKASU lighting system allows combining different light sources. By combining and rearranging luminaires with different characteristics, it is possible to create floodlighting and arrange light accents.
The universal feed rail allows the luminaires to be moved easily over the entire length, and the special mounting ensures a secure fixation on both horizontal and vertical planes.

The invisible board is aesthetically pleasing

Conductive boards are located on the edges of the track, are not conspicuous, and do not violate the aesthetics of the interior. This solution allows you to hide the light system in the ceiling space. The conductive coating is made of carbon. This contributes to the durability of the system.

Secure fixation of the luminaire

The latest generation of the HOKASU System uses a spring steel clamp. A special alloy based on chromium, manganese, silicon, and tungsten ensures the original size and shape of the fixture even after 50,000 installations. This method of attachment is several times superior to the magnet and the more fragile plastic mechanisms that are common in budget systems.

24V voltage - it's safe

The voltage on the board is only 24V, which is safe when operating and changing fixtures. Connecting to the 220V electrical network requires a power supply, which is selected based on the planned number of luminaires.
The choice of this voltage is due to a wide range of control systems and power supplies.


All luminaires support dimming. To be able to dim, it is sufficient to choose any 24V control system.
Lighting intensity can be controlled by protocols: DALI, Z-Wave, 0-10V, TRIAC
In contrast to systems with magnetic or spring contacts, the HOKASU system eliminates extraneous noise or interference when dimming PWM.

Attention to detail

A 5-year long warranty and high color rendering light sources are the hallmarks of the HOKASU brand.
The undisputed hallmark is the attention to detail and to all elements of the luminaire. The aviation aluminum housing, the durable 25-micron anodized coating, the tolerances to which all mechanisms are mated, and even the high-strength steel screws with hexagonal slots, all combined with careful manufacturing give a unique sense of quality.