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Own production

HOKASU's core business is the design and manufacture of modern lighting systems.
The company's main products are linear and modular luminaires made of aluminum profiles.

By entering the European and, in particular, the Russian market, we wanted to minimize costs and make our products more affordable.
To this end, we have localized production as much as possible, and at the moment we produce a little over 85% of the components in Turkey and the EU. Now we are the only manufacturer that can design and commission a linear lighting system of any complexity on a turnkey basis.
We have developed exclusive patent solutions for the PIK Group, Sberbank Development, KROST and many others.


The body of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy 6063 and hardened directly on the press to achieve the highest state T6.
The surface is finished on the best Italian anodizing line "Qualanod" and painting.

HOKASU LED modules

We carefully select LEDs that guarantee a minimum color temperature deviation of ±100K and have a good color rendering index (CRI>85).
Ultra-modern crystals with a light output of >140 Lm/W have made it possible to set the energy efficiency class A++. С учетом потерь на рассеивателе светильник выдает 100 Лм/Вт! Это лучший показатель для такого оборудования в мире.
The module outperforms any high-powered LED strip in reliability. The aluminum base actively dissipates heat, extending the life of the LEDs, and protects the board from physical damage.
Each module has been tested in the laboratory and inspected according to Japanese quality standards.


Patented light-diffusing polycarbonate pellets are used to produce the diffuser.
Цвет опал (75% light transmission). Coextrusion technology + UV protection on two sides "LEDControl".
The diffuser does not change color throughout its lifetime (more than 10 years).