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We create different lighting scenarios and make life more comfortable



We embrace the forefront of lighting design standards, skillfully crafting environments suffused with serene luminosity.
With our craftsmanship lighting, every space becomes a masterpiece and truly exceptional.

Our projects delight clients around the world.

Prime Park premium-class residential quarter

Co-working Space 1 on Kompozitorskaya 17

Villa Melek

Villa in Istanbul

A cozy apartment in Cubes Ankara.

Apartments in Istanbul city

Villa Korfez

Pharmstandard company office

Maria Showroom on Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya Street

Villa at Seba Royal

Villa Orman Ada Evleri

Kitchen Studio Maria in the Rumyantsevo Business Park

Professional lighting

HOKASU is a unique lighting system at the intersection of contemporary art and future technologies. Linear, magnetic, track, indoor and outdoor luminaires made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a 5-year warranty.

Possessing the most technologically advanced production in the country, we accept the most extraordinary challenges, quickly and on time solve the tasks assigned to us.

In addition to serial production, together with leading architects and designers, we develop and implement exclusive and significant lighting projects.

The wide range and unsurpassed quality with deep customization makes our product desirable for designers and clients all over the world.

Our mission is to create the best product on the lighting market.

Here's how we create awesome lighting


Please leave your application, and we will contact you to discuss all the details of your project.
It's important for us to consider your preferences.



We will develop a unique concept for a comfortable lighting environment.
We will consider various lighting scenarios and convenient control methods.


We will address all comments and prepare the final proposal.
We will conduct lighting calculations and prepare all necessary documentation for the builders.


We will manufacture cool luminaires with individual characteristics for you.
Carefully packed, we will deliver all equipment to your site.

Author's Supervision

A specialist from our company will consult your builders.
We will ensure that everything corresponds to the project.
From this moment on, you are in the reliable hands of our service team.

Branded showrooms

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