Diffusers: types and purpose

An important component of a linear luminaire is a diffuser. It performs a number of functions: from "leveling" the light flux to mechanical protection against dust and moisture. Let's try to analyze the types, technologies and design features in more detail.

Before we look at the options for diffusers talk about the purpose of its use:
  • Protects the light source from mechanical type impact. If an object strikes the light fixture, the diffuser will take the impact.
  • Distributes the flow of light evenly. This is influenced by the relief, texture, shape of the design - different from the type of diffuser. Because of this the distribution of the emitted light will be different.
  • Protects against unnecessary light flux. Sometimes the best option is to install a diffuser rather than replace the light fixture.

Every HOKASU linear luminaire is equipped with a diffuser - it completely covers the light source, providing protection and uniform light distribution. In the manufacture of diffusers for HOKASU luminaires the patented co-extrusion technology - HEP. Each diffuser is made of two different materials: polycarbonate and acrylic.

  • of polycarbonate for resistance to external influences and temperature;
  • acrylic (PMMA) to prevent yellowing under UV rays.

Types of diffusers

When you choose the HOKASU luminaire, you can order a frosted diffuser or a transparent one with a microprism effect. Regardless of the choice, it will be nice and uniform, like a crystal. Let's take a closer look at each one:

Frosted diffuser (75% transmittance)

Due to multiple reflections from the micro-particles in the thickness of its material, the bright light from the LEDs is redistributed almost throughout the volume of the diffuser and creates a soft flow, comfortable for human vision. This type of diffuser will fit perfectly into the interior of any room;

Microprismatic diffuser (90% transmittance)

Designed for office-type luminaires. The fine geometric pattern on the sturdy, durable glass is the optimal solution for evenly diffusing light streams throughout the room. The diffuser is easy to mount to the luminaires and is remarkably durable. The diffuser is unaffected by environmental hazards, UV-resistant and easy to clean from dust.

Which diffuser to choose: recommendations

When choosing a diffuser for LED lighting, we recommend paying attention to the light transmission capacity of each product. The higher the value, the more light will pass through the material. For example, in offices, it is recommended to use LED devices with a diffuser with a microprism effect. If it is important to properly decorate the room, then pay attention when choosing a diffuser is required not only to the light transmission, but also the appearance of design. The ideal option is LED fixtures with opal-type light diffuser - a matte diffuser.

Help in choosing

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