How to calculate the power supply for LED strip

The most important thing in the installation of LED lighting is the right choice of power supply (power supply).
The life of LED strips, fixtures... and your safety depends on it!
For a quick and competent selection you need:

  • Specify the necessary parameters: current, voltage;
  • Find out the power of the LED strip (luminaire or module);
  • Add 20% reserve to the power. If the light is to be operated without shutting off, then add 50%;
  • Determine the degree of protection of the power supply. (protection against dust, moisture, water...)

How to correctly calculate the power supply capacity?

Choose the right power supply carefully!
Incorrect choice of power or voltage
will cause the power supply to overheat and possibly cause a fire.
Don't worry, it's not that hard and now we'll help you figure it out:

  • P = m*Pl+20% - formula for calculating the power of the unit
  • m - total meterage of LED strip
  • Pl - Power and voltage of 1m LED strip
  • 20% - minimum recommended reserve

If the size or power of the unit is not acceptable, do not forget that you can install multiple units of smaller capacity.

What parameters other than power should be considered?

— Power supply enclosure - degree of protection
Depending on the environment and location of the unit, you need to select the appropriate degree of protection (enclosure design).
— Output Voltage
Any source (LED strip, module, LED...), operate from a DC voltage (or current - but about that later). You need to know what voltage your equipment is designed for and only then start to choose the right power supply.

Different degree of protection for power supplies

The power supplies are produced in the following modifications:

Power Supply IP20


  • Housing - normal plastic or metal housing
  • Cooling - passive, requires air space (10-15cm) on all sides
  • Protection - protected from hands, pollen, large object penetration
Power Supply IP65


  • Hull - plastic or metal housing
  • Cooling - Unpretentious, can be walled up
  • Protection - protected against moisture and direct water ingress
Power Supply IP67


  • Housing - Strong metal (aluminum) housing
  • Cooling - unpretentious, can be walled up
  • Protection - protected against water, shock, vandalism