MIX-White backlight

If you are still undecided whether you want warm light or cool light, we want to introduce you to the 2-in-1 option is MIX-White.
There are many variants of MIX-White ribbons on the market where CW (cool white) and WW (warm white) crystals are combined.
Specially designed controllers allow you at the touch of a button to transform the atmosphere in the room from soft relaxing to invigorating working, as well as adjust the brightness.

Often MIX-White LED strip is produced in two rows. One row has white warm diodes, the second white cool diodes. The mixing of these shades gives the possibility of choosing any intermediate.
Personally, we prefer to use two separate ribbons instead of one single-row ribbon. This is practically always much more advantageous, because it is a bit more difficult to produce a double-row tape, and the only difference between it and two parallel-adhesive tapes is marketing.
The advantages of using two different tapes instead of one double row are obvious and we have already considered them (see We vs. double row LED tapes)

How does it work MIX-White backlight

Any MIX-White LED strip has 4 leads (2 for each W channel). All 4 leads are connected to a special controller (the brain of your lighting). The controller is controlled by radio through a remote control or via a smartphone. You have the ability to control the shades and adjust the color scheme, according to your mood or to a certain time of day.

Examples of use

The most common place where people like to use MIX-White lighting is the bedroom and office. By adjusting the shade in the bedroom you can feel more awake in the morning by turning on the cool light. By turning on a warm light in the study in the evening, you can relax your body and prepare yourself for bed. With MIX-White you can control your biological clock the way you want it!