SHOP Ribbon - illumination for groceries

In the Arlight assortment there is LED strip SHOP for creating High quality illumination of various food products. Sealed tape with a unique protective polymer coating and degree of IP54 dust and moisture protection can be used in salesrooms, stores and showcases at a temperature of -30... +45 0С. The range consists of 5 models of tapes for different product groups: meat, fish, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit and bread. A special spectrum of glow allows favorable appetizing appearance of different colored products. Each model of ribbon ribbon has a special color temperature. For fish and seafood, the RTW-5000SC 24V Cool SP7500-Fish (Art. No. 028748) with contrasting white glow. For rusty bread and baked goods you need The special warm yellow light RTW-5000SC 24V Warm SP2500-Bread (Art. No. 028744). The rich red hues of meat can be accentuated with the RTW-5000SC 24V Warm SP2900-Meat (Art. No. 028745) with a warm pinkish glow. Red and yellow fruits and vegetables will look appetizing with the RTW-5000SC 24V Warm SP3000-Fruit (Art. No. 028746) with a warm white glow. Green fruits and vegetables will be illuminated fruits and vegetables with a warm white daytime glow, the RTW-5000SC 24V Day SP5000-Veg (5000 К). SHOP ribbon with SMD 2835 LEDs (112 pcs/m), CRI>85 and luminous flux of 1700 lm per 1 m, is capable of high quality colors and evenly illuminate product displays. The standard width of 10 mm allows the strip to be mounted in most profiles.

Item number Model Color of glow Temperature Applications
028744 RTW-5000SC 24V Warm SP2500- Bread 10mm Warm White 2500 K for baking
028745 RTW-5000SC 24V Warm SP2900- Meat 10mm Warm White 2900 K for meat
028746 RTW-5000SC 24V Warm SP3000- Fruit 10mm Warm White 3000 K For red and yellow fruits and vegetables
028747 RTW-5000SC 24V Day SP5000-Veg 10mm Daytime White 5000 K for green fruits and vegetables
028748 RTW-5000SC 24V Cool SP7500-Fish 10mm Special cold 7500 K For white fish and seafood seafood