Euro track systems

The track system is a popular way to organize lighting in many types of spaces. It consists of a busbar (track) and lighting fixtures connected to it.
The fixtures lock into place anywhere on the track and are easily repositioned, allowing you to flexibly adjust the number and location of light sources.

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Track lights are called by different names:

  • euro track lights or rail lighting system;
  • track LED lamps;
  • high-voltage track light;
  • EUROSTANDART track lighting.

Let's figure it out.
The led track light has the form of a compact spotlight for creating diffused or directional light. Track lights are one of the modern ways to create thoughtful and functional lighting.

Benefits of track lights

  • A bright accent of your solution
    LED track lights have a powerful directional light. Thanks to the swivel mount and special lenses that diffuse light (from 15 and 35 to 60 degrees), you can illuminate exactly the area that requires special attention.
  • Your goods will not deteriorate!
    LED light sources do not emit ultraviolet radiation, which adversely affects things. The colors will not fade.You don't have to worry, your merchandise will stay in pristine condition for the entire term.
  • Security
    Breaking the lamp exposes you, your family member, or your client to a number of life-threatening hazards (burns, wounds, suffocation). Unlike conventional bulbs, LED bulbs have a temperature of just over 60 degrees, do not contain volatile substances or harmful chemicals, and cannot be broken.
  • Energy saving
    The 30-40W LED track light is comparable in brightness to 150W halogen spotlights. Since the store needs bright lighting even in the daytime, the issue of reducing energy costs is relevant no matter where.


The appearance of the lamps is quite diverse. The price of track lights depends on the manufacturer, size, design, body material. In our ULIGHT online store you can find models for every taste: square, rectangular, cone-shaped, cylindrical and more complex shapes, metallic, achromatic and other shades, the most popular lamps with a black body color.
The laconic design allows them to be used in modern high-tech interiors, techno, classic, minimalism, fusion, loft, etc. Track lamps are often used to solve lighting in non-standard design projects.
Track LED luminaires are suitable for both full-fledged lighting and for creating accents. Track lights are optimal for those who like frequent furniture rearrangements at home - the lights are easy to adjust thanks to almost 360° rotation. When changing the exposure or rearranging the product, this also makes it easy to adjust the lighting.

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