Lamp NeonLight

The matte diffuser, combined with a wide beam angle (120°), creates uniform, natural, yet bright illumination.

Power, W

  • 33
  • 77
  • 110

Length, mm

  • 1500
  • 3500
  • 5000

Color temperature, K

  • 3000
  • 4000


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)

Beam angle

Availability Photo NamePower, WLength, mmColor temperature, KColorBeam angle



This lighting installation is comprised of flexible LED neon, which can take on any shape, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere within the interior.

The series boasts a distinctive design in line with modern trends. The casually hanging LED installation adds an airy touch, making it a focal point in the interior. Notably, it comes in substantial lengths: 1500, 3500, and 5000 mm.

The luminaire is crafted from silicone, ensuring durability and flexibility. This feature allows the luminaire to maintain its fixed shape even when woven into structures of arbitrary forms.

The series is offered in various configurations to suit the space in which it is used, whether it's a simple, minimalist living area or an opulent banquet hall. Every space presents a challenge, from solitude to openness. This series is designed for such tasks because individualization and adaptability are not secondary considerations but rather its primary objectives.


Body Color: Black (RAL9005), White (RAL9003)
Power, Watts: 33, 77, 110
Light Color: Daylight White (4000K), Warm White (3000K)
Length, mm: 1500, 3500, 5000