Lamp HOKASU Tube DUO Zoom with swivel mounting

Surface-mounted lamp with two light sources.

Power, W

  • 20
  • 40

Color temperature, K

  • 2700
  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 5000


  • black (ral9005)
  • copper
  • gold
  • silver
  • white (ral9003)

Beam angle

  • 12-50
Availability Photo NamePower, WColor temperature, KColorBeam angle


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Wall light with two light sources and functional mounting. Using a swivel design, the luminaire can rotate around its axis by 360°, allowing you to direct the light flow where needed.

The luminaire is equipped with a special Zoom lens that allows you to change the beam angle from 12° to 50° by moving the rotating part of the housing. The swivel mounting mechanism allows you to adjust the light direction. It can be installed anywhere on the track and is easy to move.

Key features of the Tube DUO Zoom series include:

  • Luminaire equipped with an optical system that can change the light distribution angle.
  • Housing manufactured with advanced computer-controlled machinery from aviation-grade aluminum.
  • Through-flow air circulation system ensures proper operation of the luminaire and microchips at the required temperature.
  • Specially designed board ensures uniform LED illumination with high precision.
  • 5-year warranty on the luminaire.


The minimalist design makes the luminaire visually lightweight and aesthetic in modern spaces. We recommend using the Tube DUO Zoom series in apartments, country houses, offices, retail and fitness centers, galleries, boutiques, stores, hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

Beam Angle

The luminaire is equipped with an optical system that allows you to adjust the beam angle within the range of 12° to 50°. It ensures the formation of a light beam in a specific area, within which the light will spread. The beam angle is an important parameter when selecting lighting equipment. With this parameter, you can adjust lighting accents in the interior. For example, in an apartment, with a luminaire with a specific beam angle, you can adjust the light spot to illuminate the table surface specifically. Or create a lighting accent on a specific group of products when installing the luminaire in a store.

In the standard configuration, you can choose from different light colors: super warm (2700K), daylight white (4000K), warm white (3000K), and cool white (5000K). The package includes a power supply that eliminates light flickering.


The luminaire's housing is made of aviation-grade aluminum. The blank is milled on a 5-axis machining center from Haas Automation Inc. The back cover of the luminaire is perforated to provide cooling for the power unit and extend the luminaire's service life up to 15 years. The LED is mounted on a 5mm thick aluminum radiator.

Length, mm: 120
Diameter, mm: 55, 75

Various housing colors are available: black (RAL9005) and white (RAL9003). For a more refined interior, we have created luminaires in elegant colors: copper, silver, gold. The housing can also be painted in any of the 2000 shades on the RAL scale. This option allows you to harmoniously complement the design of even the most sophisticated interior.