Track lamp HOKASU 35/40 TR

HOKASU 35/40 TR4 linear track luminaire


Power, W

  • 10
  • 13
  • 19
  • 21
  • 26
  • 28
  • 38
  • 48
Availability Photo NamePower, WColor temperature, KColorBeam angleDiameter, mm


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Linear track luminaire with high brightness in a small size: the width of the light part is 30 mm. The series includes models with frosted diffuser and micro prism. It is also possible to change from TR4 to TR2.


The series is used for general lighting of any premises, including apartments, offices, retail stores, hotels, atriums of shopping and business centers, halls of restaurants and cafes, beauty salons, fitness clubs, classrooms of educational institutions, car and motor showrooms.

Fixtures can be used both solo and in groups to create light compositions for designer interiors and light zoning.