Track HOKASU TR4 (STC S35)

TR4 3-phase track, for 4 wires.
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Track for the stretch ceiling

The construction consists of two parts: the embedding part and the track. The specially provided grooves in the crib allow to easily fix the stretch ceiling canvas, and then the track itself is installed in the crib.

The rigid construction of the housing allows the track to be mounted in large area stretch ceilings. Harpoon system is in demand when installing the light system in a stretch PVC ceiling. Advantages:

  • installation is quick and easy. The system can be handled by any ceiling craftsman;
  • The result is an even surface of high quality;
  • all mounting elements are hidden and you can enjoy the design solution;
  • harpoon fasteners can be partially or completely dismantled;
  • PVC canvas is fixed securely and in operation does not pull or sag;
  • On the basis of the harpoon fastening, it is possible to install multi-level structures of stretched fabrics.

The cassette provides a simple installation of the light line into the suspended ceiling using a special harpoon. The system can be handled by any ceiling craftsman.

The blank is available in raw color, while the track is available in classic black and white. The series offers different sizes of construction – 625, 1000, 1250, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 mm.

HOKASU Track System – a modern solution for organizing a track lighting system in residential, commercial and office spaces. When designing a busbar system (трека) With the 3-phase 4TR track, HOKASU designers have taken the shortcomings of existing systems into account and created a new solution:

  • Thickness and rigidity of the aluminum housing. The profile does not sag under the weight of the track luminaires. You will be able to load the track with the required number of LED lights.

  • Excellent contact between the luminaire and the conductor rail. Thanks to the unique co-extrusion technology, flat copper conductors are integrated into the track. The rectangular cross-section of the current tracks avoids poor contact with the luminaire - no more having to move the luminaire while waiting for it to turn on.

  • Aesthetic appearance. The insert in the body comes in the color of the profile - the line looks uniform and graceful.

The trunking is designed under the standard HOKASU suspension system, which allowed to remove unnecessary bends and ribs from the outer side of the profile - the system turned out to be stylish from all sides.