Power supply HOKASU OneLine (mounted in track) (Gen2)

Power supply for the magnetic system HOKASU OneLine

Power, W

  • 60
  • 100

Length, mm

  • 255
  • 365

Color temperature, K


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)

Beam angle

Availability Photo NamePower, WLength, mmColor temperature, KColorBeam angle


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Power supply for the HOKASU OneLine magnetic lighting system. Universal design allows the power supply to be discreetly placed in the magnetic track. Length 255 and 365 mm. The series includes models with different power: 60 watt, 100 watt.

Lighting system

The HOKASU OneLine magnetic lighting system allows you to combine different light sources. By combining and rearranging luminaires with different characteristics, you can create floodlighting and arrange light accents. The universal power rail makes it easy to move the luminaires along the entire length, and a special magnet ensures a secure attachment to both horizontal and vertical planes.

24V power supply voltage

The supply voltage in the magnetic system is applied to a conductive board running inside the aluminum housing. The voltage on the board is only 24V, which is safe during operation and replacement of track lighting fixtures. To connect to the 220V electrical network requires a power supply, which is selected based on the number of luminaires to be installed in the system. To support the dimming function, dimming power supplies are used.


The OneLine lighting system uses a neodymium magnet, which is a powerful permanent magnet composed of an alloy of the rare-earth element neodymium, boron, and iron. As an example, neodymium magnets are used in the manufacture of complex devices such as electric motors and CNC machines.

Neodymium magnets are virtually eternal, losing only 1% of their magnetic strength in 100 years. They can lose their properties at temperatures between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius. If you use cheap versions or improper design, where the track gets heated to such temperatures - it is possible. But here, falling out of the light is not as terrible as a fire. We recommend choosing the manufacturer of magnetic lighting systems carefully.