Track HOKASU OneLine STC

STC and OneLine, a magnetic track duo, redefine the dynamics of stretch ceilings, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality.

OneLine STC Manual

Length, mm

  • 1000
  • 1250
  • 1500
  • 2000
  • 2500
  • 3000


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)
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Length, mm


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The construction consists of two parts: a support profile and a track. The special grooves in the track allow you to easily fix the stretch ceiling fabric using a special harpoon. Then the track itself is installed in the crib. The harpoon mounting system ensures easy installation of the light line into the stretch ceiling.

Size, mm: 73*58

Distinctive features

The rigid construction of the housing allows the track to be mounted in large area stretch ceilings. The harpoon system is in demand when installing the light system in a stretch PVC ceiling.


  • installation is quick and easy. The system can be handled by any ceiling craftsman;
  • The result is an even surface of high quality;
  • all mounting elements are hidden and you can enjoy the design solution;
  • harpoon fasteners can be partially or completely dismantled;
  • PVC canvas is fixed securely and in operation does not pull or sag;
  • On the basis of the harpoon fastening, it is possible to install multi-level structures of stretched canvases.

HOKASU OneLine lighting system

The OneLine lighting system allows you to combine different light sources. By combining and rearranging luminaires with different characteristics, you can create diffused light and create light accents.
High variability in luminaires design and a set of special optics allows to use this system any complexity projects: from apartments and restaurants to art galleries and museums.
The universal power track allows you to easily move the fixtures along the entire length. Special fastening ensures their secure fixation both on a horizontal and vertical plane.

The invisible board is aesthetically pleasing

Conductive boards are located on the edges of the track: they are not conspicuous and do not violate the aesthetics of the interior. This solution allows you to hide the light system in the ceiling space.
The conductive coating is carbon-based. This contributes to the longevity of the system.

Reliable fixation of the luminaire

The latest generation of the HOKASU OneLine system uses a spring steel retainers. A special alloy based on chromium, manganese, silicon and tungsten retains the original size and shape of the mount even after 50,000 installations.
This method of fastening is several times superior to a magnet and, all the more so, fragile plastic mechanisms that are common in budget systems.

24V voltage is safe

The voltage on the board is only 24V, which is safe for operation and replacement of fixtures. Connecting to the 220V requires a power supply, which is selected based on the planned number of lights.
The 24V voltage allows the range of available control systems and power supplies to be significantly increased.


All fixtures are dimmable. For the possibility of dimming, it is enough to choose any control system for 24V.
Light intensity can be controlled using protocols: DALI, Z-Wave, 0-10V, TRIAC
In contrast to magnetic or spring-loaded contact systems, the HOKASU system eliminates the noise, interference and flicker of PWM dimming.

Two control zones

OneLine EasySet technology allows you to distribute fixtures into two groups on one track. You can create different lighting scenarios: turn on, turn off, and also change the brightness for each group individually.

Attention to detail

A 5-year long warranty and high color rendering LEDs are all unconditional features for HOKASU branded products.
The indisputable distinguishing feature is the attention to detail and all elements of the lamp. The aircraft-grade aluminum body, hard-wearing 25 micron anodized finish, the tolerances to which all mechanisms are matched, and even the high-strength steel screws with hex slots, all combined with careful workmanship, give a unique feeling of quality.