Surface lamp Trunk On (GU10)

Cylindrical housing with a diameter of 55 mm for lamps with a GU10 base. The lamp is ideal for illumination of a bedside table or individual items in the interior.

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Power, W

Color temperature, K


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)

Beam angle

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Power, W
Color temperature, K
Beam angle



Cylindrical housing with a diameter of 55 mm for lamps with a GU10 base. The housing is supplied without lamp. The light source in the GU10 luminaires for ceiling and wall mounting is miniature LED lamps with a bayonet base.

  • Saves energy - the required illumination is provided with less power of the lamps, as all the rays spread only in the right direction, not scattered to the sides;
  • Heating of the luminaire is reduced - the thermal energy released during operation is mainly reflected forward in the form of infrared radiation;
  • You can create accent lighting - for example, illuminate a painting, a statue, or highlight the work area in the room.


The tube-shaped body with a round profile section perfectly complements the interior: the sleek and unconventional shape creates a sense of high-tech and sophisticated style. The laconic body makes the luminaire visually light and aesthetically pleasing in modern spaces. We recommend using the Trunk series in an apartment, country house, office, mall, gallery, boutique, store, hotel, cafe, restaurant.


The housing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The workpiece is milled on a Haas Automation Inc. 5-axis machining center. The rear cover of the luminaire is perforated, which provides cooling for the power supply and extends the luminaire's life.

Diameter, mm: 55
Length, mm: 120

Available in a variety of housing colors: black (RAL9005) and white (RAL9003). The cabinet can also be painted in any of the 2,000 RAL shades. This feature allows you to harmoniously complement the design of even the most sophisticated interior.