Profile HOKASU S35 (STC S35)

Profile HOKASU STC S35 & S35 for stretch ceiling.
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The design consists of three parts: supporting profile, LED profile, and diffuser. Specially provided supporting profile grooves make it easy to fix the stretch ceiling canvas. After that, the LED profile is installed in the supporting profile. The harpoon fastening system provides easy installation of the light line in the stretch ceiling.

When installing a stretch ceiling, it is often difficult to fix lighting fixtures to a soft canvas that requires fastening to the concrete ceiling surface. The optimal way is to use the STC S35 supporting profile, which allows you to install a line of light in a stretch ceiling.

A rigid housing design allows you to mount the profile in a stretch ceiling of a large area. The supporting profile provides a simple installation of the light line in the stretch ceiling, using a special harpoon. The harpoon system is in demand when installing a light system in a PVC stretch ceiling. Any ceiling master will cope with the system.


  • Installation is quick and easy. Any ceiling master will cope with the system;
  • results in a smooth, high-quality surface;
  • all mounting elements are hidden and you can enjoy the design solution;
  • harpoon fasteners can be partially or completely dismantled;
  • PVC canvas is fixed securely and does not stretch or sag during operation;
  • based on harpoon fastening, you can install multi-level structures of stretch fabrics.

The S35 series luminaire, built into the supporting profile, is used to create basic and accent lighting.

The supporting profile is delivered in raw color (raw).