HOKASU OneLine D30 y

Magnetic linear light fixture with a 30mm diameter.

Power, W

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15

Length, mm

  • 200
  • 400
  • 600

Color temperature, K

  • 3000
  • 4000


  • black (ral9005)
  • white (ral9003)

Beam angle

  • 355
Availability Photo Name
Power, W
Length, mm
Color temperature, K
Beam angle


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The system is custom-made.
A cylindrical linear luminaire with a matte diffuser for the OneLine track system. The luminaire can be rotated around its axis and freely moved along the track, creating various lighting compositions in the interior. The cylindrical shape of the diffuser allows for efficient use of the luminaire as the main light source. The linear luminaire produces a calm diffused light. Modules with matte diffusers and a wide beam angle of 355° provide a high level of visual comfort and eliminate glare.

HOKASU OneLine Lighting System

The OneLine lighting system allows you to combine different light sources. By combining and rearranging luminaires with different characteristics, you can create ambient lighting and set light accents.
High variability in appearance and a range of special optics make this system suitable for projects of any complexity, from apartments and restaurants to art galleries and museums.
A universal power bus allows for easy movement of luminaires along the entire length, and special mounting ensures their secure fixation on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Invisible Circuit Board - Aesthetic Design

The conductive boards are located at the edges of the track: they do not stand out and do not disrupt the interior aesthetics. This solution allows you to conceal the lighting system in the ceiling space. The conductive coating is based on carbon, contributing to the long-term use of the system.

Secure Luminaire Fixation

The latest generation HOKASU system uses a spring steel fastener. A special alloy based on chromium, manganese, silicon, and tungsten maintains the original size and shape of the fastening even after 50,000 installations. This fastening method far surpasses magnets and especially fragile plastic mechanisms commonly found in budget systems.

24V Voltage - Safety First/h4>

The voltage on the board is only 24V, ensuring safety during operation and luminaire replacement. To connect to the 220V electrical network, a power supply unit is required, which is selected based on the planned number of luminaires.
The choice of this voltage is due to the wide range of available control systems and power sources.


All luminaires support brightness adjustment. To enable dimming, simply choose any 24V control system.
Light intensity can be controlled using protocols such as: DALI, Z-Wave, 0-10V, and TRIAC.
Unlike systems with magnetic mounting or spring-loaded contacts, the HOKASU system eliminates extraneous sounds, interference, and flickering during PWM dimming.

Two Control Zones

The OneLine EasySet technology allows you to distribute luminaires into two groups on a single track. You can create different lighting scenarios: turn on, turn off, and adjust brightness for each group separately.

Attention to Detail

A 5-year warranty and high-color rendering LEDs are unquestionable characteristics of products under the HOKASU brand.
The undeniable distinguishing feature is attention to detail and all elements of the luminaire. A body made of aviation-grade aluminum, a durable 25-micron anodized coating, tolerances with which all mechanisms are connected, and even screws made of high-strength steel with hexagonal slots, all together with careful manufacturing provide a unique sense of quality.