Apartment in Melissad housing estate

The kitchen-living room is a gathering place for the whole family and guests. Unlike the bedroom, where lighting can be calm and spotty, a large room should have enough light sources for all times of day.

When the functionality of two rooms is combined in one room, it makes sense to add light zoning of the space. For this purpose, a combination of general lighting and accent lighting is suitable. Instead of bulky chandeliers, choose models that do not "eat up" the space.

Today's kitchen-living room project uses the OneLine LF, DOT Spin Edgeless and DOT Edgeless series. The OneLine LF series of magnetic track lighting fixtures create a pleasant, diffused light. Particularly transforms the space at night.

The DOT Spin Edgeless model creates a luminous accent on a key interior element: the picture. The high color rendering index conveys saturated colors.

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