Apartment in Residential Complex Presnya City

Lighting the living room in the "Presnya City" Residential Complex.
Panoramic windows with breathtaking views of Moscow, design in noble gray, modern lighting system: the new project of the studio BIG DESIGN in Moscow.

Smooth and regular room shapes emphasize the overall style, and panoramic windows fill the rooms with sunlight.

The HOKASU OneLine magnetic lighting system is located around the perimeter of the entire living room area. The design allows you to change the location of the lights without much effort - the housemates will be able to detach the light line from one point and move it to another to accent a specific area. The HOKASU OneLine system is a flexible lighting control solution.

The HOKASU S50 linear light fixture in black is located above the table. A pleasantly diffused light provides even illumination of the table.

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