Art Cafe in St. Petersburg

Design project for a small coffee shop Rudy's Coffee to Go on Bolshoi Prospect on the Petrograd side in St. Petersburg.

The basis of the interior is "pure contrast": a light floor and gray walls. The authors of the project added bright furniture and placed light accents - with a small budget, such a recipe for interior quality has been implemented.

We based the lighting design on the principles of creating an atmosphere of comfort, coziness and safety, focused on the guest. The lighting should not draw attention to itself: it should be more "in the shade" than "in plain sight.

Installations are made by spreading light accents in the right areas - the bar and dining room. The main element is the bar counter. Above the bar there are two HOKASU S35 lines of lights in silver color - the fixtures provide even and bright illumination of the important part of the interior.

The soul of the coffee shop is the dining area. Three SP-RONDO pendant lights are installed in this area, creating a soft, even glow across the entire area of the hall. A feature of this series: laconic design and circular shape.

Authors of the project: design studio MAXDESIGN

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