Barber Shop StrongMan

Performed lighting barbershop StrongMan.
Salon of men's haircuts in St. Petersburg on Piskaryovsky Prospekt, 1.

Rectangular designs are implemented in the interior HOKASU Frame – a series of suspended frame lights. Especially for our friends from StrongMan we made 2 sizes of construction: one square with a side of 1m, two rectangles with sides of 1180mm and 1000mm.

The pleasant diffusing light of the Frame luminaire creates a positive attitude towards the work of the craftsmen themselves and attracts the attention of customers.

The task of a barbershop is to help a person with an image and in obtaining relaxation - lighting plays an important role in this regard. We help our customers to achieve effective lighting in any type of room - we create designs for the project or offer ready-made solutions.

Strong Man is a salon in a strict, laconic style. Visitors will find a cozy, home-like warm atmosphere and super attentive bartenders.

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