Bershka store in Mega Khimki

Implemented a new project - store Bershka in Mega Khimki.
We are often approached by store managers for recommendations on how to improve lighting design in retail environments. Many come in with the same problems - poor lighting levels and not enough accent lighting that would help increase customer flow and sales.

The lighting of clothing stores has its own characteristics. It is characterized by the predominance of accent light rather than the main light, as well as by emotionality and theatricality.

The important task of light in the salesroom is to guide and orient in space. The pendant linear luminaires in the new project did an excellent job of this task HOKASU S50, which we manufactured in our own production facility in Khimki. Upon individual order we produce fixtures of different lengths and geometric shapes.

The accumulated experience of the ULIGHT team will help you in the design and implementation of the lighting design in your retail space. Among our clients are Reebok, Bershka, etc.

Bershka is a Spanish brand of youth clothes, shoes and accessories. You can buy Bershka products not only in retail stores, but also online. The range includes stylish products for men and women.

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