Cozy house 120 m² in the Leningrad region

Designers Angelina Gladkova and Maxim Salasin from the AMI interior design studio designed a functional and eco-friendly country house in the Leningrad region for a family of three.

"We started working on this project in early 2020. The customers' main desire was to "escape the city. They dreamed of a country house not just as a temporary home for weekends and holidays, but as a full-fledged space that could replace their city apartment.

The interior had to be understated, austere, cozy and, most importantly, eco-friendly, so we worked primarily with natural materials," say designers Angelina Gladkova and Maxim Salasin. - Using large-format porcelain stoneware combined with a mirror to decorate the fireplace, working with natural wood, installation features and designing multifunctional built-in furniture - all this was new and interesting for us.

The kitchen-dining room and bedroom feature the HOKASU OneLine magnetic lighting system with the OneLine LF light lines. The lighting accentuates the architectural features of the house and the layout.

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