"Cube.Moscow" gallery - 3 Tverskaya str.

Implemented project – Cube.Moscow Gallery.
A new contemporary art gallery is located in the very center of Moscow at 3 Tverskaya Street. Modern interior design inspired our team to realize lines of light. In our own production we have produced linear luminaires HOKASU 50/70 and prepared a track lighting system.

Sophisticated modern design combined with high efficiency lighting allowed to form a unique and comfortable atmosphere in the space of art. Clearly chosen lighting equipment created an integral interior composition.

A long line of light along the perimeter of the corridor allows guests to better orientate themselves in the space - a solution implemented by linear luminaires of HOKASU 50/70 series. In the exhibition halls there are track luminaires of LGD-ZEUS series, with the help of which the authors of art works can create the necessary light scenarios on their exhibits.

The lighting of Cube.Moscow art space is designed to provide comfortable conditions for the cultural dialogue between the participants of the communities, and the guests of the exhibitions - to comfortably immerse themselves in the process.

Cube.Moscow is an innovative platform created to expand the cultural dialogue between Russian and international art communities, closer interaction between art market participants and increase the influence of Russian contemporary art on the international scene.

The main task of the platform is the demonstration, sale and popularization of contemporary art in Russia and abroad. The concept of Cube is to combine in one room mini-exhibitions of several galleries, where you can buy art, exhibition space for non-profit projects and the accompanying educational program.

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