Dmitriy Portnyagin's Garage

Performed lighting in the garage "Transformer" - Dmitri Portnyagin.
We modeled the lighting level of the garage and the presence of shadows in key areas. We prepared a lighting calculation, changed the configuration and location of the luminaires.

The garage is equipped with linear HOKASU fixtures that resemble directional signs - so, for example, there are 5 fixtures above the parking area to show the direction of travel when exiting the garage in a Lamborghini Urus. Above the maintenance area, there are 2 rectangular HOKASU Frame fixtures, measuring 2.5*1.2 meters.

As you can see in the visualization (see photo 8), the final result is different from the original picture: changed the location of rectangular structures and it was decided not to install X-shaped lights at the exit of the garage - simply because there was not enough space.

Please note that according to the visualization, the authors of the project planned to install lighting structures, the profiles of which should be adjacent to each other, creating fixtures with visible joints. We have changed the configuration of the lighting fixtures and made structures without visible joints between the profiles - see the result.

The production time including powder coating was 3 working days. The lights were delivered to the garage, and all we had to do was to hang them and connect the power.

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