Cinema Park in the Mega Khimki Shopping Mall

Project - Cinema Park in the Mega Khimki Shopping Mall.
A movie theater must create a favorable impression on the guests, and properly organized lighting - to make the interior more effective, to form an image and reflect the concept of the leisure venue. When compiling the lighting design, we took into account the functionality of the cinema areas and implemented a modern lighting system.

The lighting in the hallway should be bright throughout the movie theater. We placed the lights in the acoustic ceiling.

In the cinema bar area we created a pleasant dim light sufficient for a long stay of guests. People will be able to drink coffee, have lunch, without experiencing visual fatigue. The recommended light level in this area is 300 lux.

The illumination of the space is not below the specified values due to the linear luminaires HOKASU 49/32 IN, located chaotically around the perimeter of the room.

The combined Cinema Park and Formula Kino cinema chain is ranked #1 in Russia and among the top 5 largest cinema chains in Europe. The Cinema Park and Formula Kino chain today consists of 75 cinemas and more than 630 screens located in 29 Russian cities. Thus, the combined cinema chain owns practically every 7th Russian cinema.

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