Mega Khimki Shopping Mall

Project - Mega Shopping Center.
Around the perimeter of the space, we implemented a modern lighting system: lines of light HOKASU 49/32 IN installed over long corridors, retail areas, and a food court.

Lighting solves the main tasks of the shopping center - the proper perception of the trade offerings and convenient orientation in the space.

Especially for the Mega Shopping Center we made linear lights 49/32 IN with a wide light part. The light source is close to natural light, which allows you to create a cozy atmosphere and a feeling of safety for the center's guests.

The unique lines of light form a memorable image of the center and set it apart from other competitors. Recessed luminaire 49/32 IN creates a pleasant diffused light around the perimeter of the rooms. The modern design of the luminaire combined with energy efficiency allows you to create a pleasant diffused light at a lower cost.

It is worth considering that the mall operates for a long period of time and needs a lot of electrical energy to function fully. HOKASU LED modules consume 8 times less electricity than other light sources. Japanese LEDs do not burn out for 15 years, which makes them in demand in the lighting market.

All MEGA shopping centers are located in cities with a population of more than 1 million people. The unique anchor tenant of our shopping centers is IKEA store, and we also rent retail space from other market leaders such as Auchan, OBI, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon. The tenants of the gallery include both Russian and world-famous international brands. Simple and clear layout of our shopping centers, availability of parking lots and leisure facilities (including restaurants, game areas, cinemas), top-level services and welcoming atmosphere - these are the features that make our centers a favorite recreational spot for the whole family. Everyone finds something to do and feel comfortable. This formula ensures that the malls are well attended and that our customers return time and time again.

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