Melana sanitary ware showroom

MELANA sanitary ware showroom.
Russian manufacturer of sanitary equipment has opened a brand store in Moscow on Dmitrov highway.

Together with Algorithm Bureau we implemented a project for the retail space, where we used modern lighting systems - LED lighting, track and line fixtures. When developing the project, we focused on creating a memorable image of the establishment: each group of products is highlighted by a light accent, while the beam of light does not dazzle customers - the light is directed exactly at the products.

General lighting is provided by the GERA and ZEUS track systems, which make it very easy to create different light configurations in the retail space. Another great feature of the GERA series is the ability to change the angle of the light beam from 20 to 60 degrees by turning a ring on the body. This feature is advantageous when you need to accurately highlight multiple objects of different sizes. The illumination of goods is made with HOKASU LED modules.

The combination of light sources complements the overall concept of the sales area - the lighting solution makes the interior more expressive and attractive to customers.

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