Reebok brand store in the Metropolis shopping mall

Implemented project - Rebok brand store.
The lighting system plays a decisive role in the commercial success of sports stores. We faced an important challenge: a multi-level and quite complex lighting system, because lighting not only performs a decorative and practical function, but also makes it possible to control the flow of visitors and even psychologically influence people's desire to make a purchase.

Our lighting designers have developed a spectacular lighting solution - a track lighting system is used in the store, with the help of which we managed to focus visitors' attention on the product groups.

Reebok is one of the brightest sports brands. It equally successfully uses in its production proven techniques and technologies and is not afraid to experiment, achieving only the best both in quality of materials and tailoring, as well as in product design. Well, there is no doubt that such a policy of the company has led it to a leading position not only among athletes, but also with ordinary customers who prefer comfort and convenience.

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