Office of the company "Vertical

Project: company office Vertical .
Thought-out to the smallest detail, the interior is inextricably linked to the direction of the business. The company provides comprehensive design and construction solutions for the deployment of telecommunications network infrastructure and equipment placement as part of urban development plans.

A company that today creates the infrastructure for technological solutions of the future. Especially for Vertical we designed a modern lighting system and produced unique constructions - linear HOKASU luminaires. HOKASU Frame lighting fixtures in silver color create a dynamic in a static space. When switched on, they transform not only the employees' working surfaces but also the entire floor.

Recall that the recommended illumination values for the workspace are: 500 lux for the desk and 300 lux for the surrounding area around the desk. The illumination of the space is not lower than these values due to the linear luminaires HOKASU Frame, located chaotically around the perimeter of the room.

In the hallway, we placed light fixtures HOKASU Z – сThe zig-zag design is located along the perimeter of all the corridors of the office space. The light lines are equipped with a HOKASU 4000K LED module, a lighting solution that allows for a perfect distribution of soft light over the entire work surface.

"Vertical" was created in 2013, when cellular operators began to actively develop the LTE standard in the metropolitan area. At that time, there were large, complex and expensive towers up to 100 meters high on the market.

"Vertical, in turn, offered simpler dual-purpose towers (on which lighting and other equipment was installed in addition to base stations), which solved the problem of quickly increasing the number of stations and increasing network density. The company began serving all the Big Four operators and by 2015 was leasing about 1,000 towers to them.

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