Office in the Residential Complex Saturday

Moscow office project in the "Subbota" Residential Complex by Mezon Apartment Studio.
Above the administrative desk and waiting area we will place overhead CUBUS luminaires in black, which will effectively contrast with the white ceiling.

Ensuring perfect color rendering and sufficient light levels in the reception area is the key to quality work of the staff and comfort for visitors.

Especially for the collaboration area, we made a modular HOKASU Frame luminaire to be installed above a small space. The lines of light are equipped with a 4000K LED module by HOKASU - the lighting solution will achieve a perfect distribution of soft light over the entire work surface.

The interior of the workspace uses predominantly wood and brick - natural elements are in harmony with the overall style and reflect the activities of the company.

We optimized the office lighting design and developed unique lighting solutions above the workstations.

Recall that the recommended illumination values for the workspace are: 500 lux for the desk and 300 lux for the area around the desk. The illumination of the space is no lower than these values thanks to the HOKASU S50 linear luminaires, which are randomly positioned around the perimeter of the room.

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