Polyclinic №120 in St. Petersburg

The lighting for City Polyclinic №120 on Lenskaya Street in St. Petersburg was performed. Let's start our review of the medical facility with the entrance part - the lobby.

The main function of the lobby is traffic distribution. The lobby determines the character of the overall interior, and the light helps visitors entering the building during the day to decide on the direction.

A light fixture is installed in the lobby of the outpatient clinic HOKASU Frame. The body of the luminaire is made in silver color. The stylish solution prevents the room from appearing monotonous.

Registrar's office lighting is designed to ensure that the employees of a health care facility can perform their work as efficiently as possible in a comfortable and safe environment.

Above the working area is a modern design solution - a composition of decorative slats and linear HOKASU S75 luminaires in a chaotic order. The solution supports the overall concept of the interior of the renovated polyclinic.

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