Private house in Mytishchi

The OneLine system in a private home project.
Together with the design studio Yarbis we have developed a project of lighting a country house using a magnetic lighting system.

Along the perimeter of the living space, we placed combined solutions - uniform and accent lighting. The idea was implemented by the OneLine LS zx and OneLine LS luminaires.

The LS zx linear track luminaire's swivel mechanism allows the body to be tilted between 135° and 180°, directing the light in the desired direction. The wide light angle (120°) and matt diffuser create a bright uniform />
In the LS series of luminaires, instead of conventional reflectors, LEDs are equipped with lenses, which form a powerful light flux. Light sources recessed in the housing eliminate the glare effect.

Design and visualization: Valentin Gerela
Project: Elena Grebinyk
Lead Designer: Pavel Sotnikov

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