The children's room in the residential complex "AMO"

The OneLine lighting system allows for combining various light sources. By combining and rearranging luminaires with different characteristics, it is possible to create ambient lighting and place light accents.

High variability in appearance and a set of special optics allow for the use of this system in projects of any complexity: from apartments and restaurants to art galleries and museums. The universal power track allows luminaires to be easily moved along its entire length, while special mounting ensures their reliable fixation on both horizontal and vertical planes.

The cylindrical linear luminaire OneLine D30 y can be rotated around its axis and freely moved along the track, creating various lighting compositions in the interior.

In the interior of the children's room, there is a recessed luminaire DOT with a thin decorative frame. The minimalist and modern design makes the luminaire inconspicuous on the ceiling, while the recessed placement of the light source eliminates glare. The round shape with a visible frame looks elegant and modern. The luminaires can be used as the main light source or as supplementary to highlight the design features of the interior.

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