Urasa Mall in Yakutsk

Very soon a modern 15 000 m² shopping center will open in Yakutsk. The works are in full swing and we are happy to make our contribution - the creation of light comfort.

Lighting in shopping malls is an important component of the internal composition. It is designed individually, taking into account the configuration of the building and its specific orientation. Especially for Urasa Mall we have created unique compositions of linear luminaires HOKASU 35/40, HOKASU 75/35 and D60 series; recessed FROST and Sun diffused light luminaires.

Goals and objectives accomplished with lighting:

  • Creating a memorable image of the institution;
  • comfortable lighting, which is close to natural light;
  • Creating lighting that works to reveal the main design intent.
Thanks to properly designed lighting in the Urasa Mall creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, there is a feeling of safety.

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