Villa at Seba Royal

The HOKASU ONELINE lighting system, created by us from scratch, represents the pinnacle of comfortable and stylish lighting. In the corridors, we use luminaires with a narrow angle of light and a recessed lens that effectively illuminate passages without attracting unnecessary attention.

In the living room, our phone-controlled lighting system allows you to switch between different modes, creating an atmosphere for watching movies, cozy evenings, or vibrant parties with board games.

In the bedroom, we also use luminaires with hidden optics, providing uniform and pleasant lighting without creating discomfort in any position. And the DOT luminaires, evenly distributed throughout the house, serve as the main source of light, giving the interior a complete and harmonious look.

The LS luminaire consists of a series of recessed lenses. This construction reduces the number of glare from the LEDs and lowers the UGR (the luminaire does not dazzle those around it or cause discomfort). The wide variety of lenses allows for choosing the optimal solution for any project, luminaire location, and height. Properly directed light makes the lighting more informative, emphasizing the design of the space. It installs anywhere on the track and moves easily. It can be placed individually or creating a continuous line of light.

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