Villa in Istanbul

Let's delve into the behind-the-scenes details using one floor of a three-story villa project as an example:

To achieve a more modern look, we removed the square structure and replaced it with two lines that better emphasize the interior and increase the sense of space;

Between the living room and the kitchen, additional lighting was added to eliminate dark spots. Three recessed fixtures were installed (we recommend white ones without frames to seamlessly integrate with the interior);

In the bathroom, we reduced the number of fixtures from 3 to 2, which is more than sufficient;

To avoid glare for those sitting on the sofa and enhance comfort, we suggest using adjustable fixtures that can direct light closer to the dining area;

We added a fixture with a narrow beam angle for a specific scenario (movie watching). It will only illuminate the table when needed;

For all magnetic fixtures, we used luminaires with a high level of visual comfort. Additionally, we kept fixtures with a matte diffuser for general lighting.

We propose dividing them into two separate switching groups and meeting to showcase samples of all products, visually demonstrating the quality and characteristics of lenses that gently diffuse light. We will explain why a specific luminaire should be used in a particular area and provide guidance to installers on installation. We can also connect with designers to collaboratively refine this solution.

Short video about the HOKASU system:

5-year warranty on equipment. Lifetime support and post-warranty maintenance are guaranteed. Additionally, we can offer you the most advanced smartphone-controlled lighting system in the world.

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