Villa Melek

Our work began with a thorough study of the features of Villa Melek. We consulted with the client, identifying preferences and needs. Subsequently, we developed unique lighting scenarios for each room, including bedrooms, living areas, and open spaces. By applying the ONELINE magnetic system and DALI protocol, we provided complete control over the lighting, adjusting it to match the mood and time of day.

We paid special attention to selecting brightness, shades, and types of lighting to create cozy corners and highlight the character of each space. The result exceeded the client's expectations: Villa Melek transformed into a space where modern lighting technologies harmoniously blend with elegant interior design.

We also provided extensive training on using the system, ensuring that the client can maximize the efficient use of all the features of the new lighting. Completing the project at Villa Melek, we not only gained a satisfied client but also a unique property that reflects our high standards in the design and installation of modern lighting systems.

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