Warm lighting for the kitchen - Zelenogorsk

Performed warm lighting in the kitchen in Zelenogorsk.
We illuminated the work surface and lit the kitchen cabinets from the inside.

Organizing the right lighting is not only a matter of choosing the right amount of economical lamps, but also of placing them in the right place. We implemented a convenient solution - we placed the light sources on the bottom (bottom) of the hinged cabinet. Now the shadow will not fall on the countertop, neither from the person standing near it, nor from the cabinet. Plus, we lit the cabinets from the inside.

The working area in the kitchen is a place where the lighting must be of high quality. Not only convenience, but also the safety of food handling operations depends on it. Lighting the working area in the kitchen requires attention: the choice of lighting fixtures, the type of bulbs and other important points. It is worth remembering that residential lighting is regulated by SNIPs, but you should not rely on them completely, because modern housewives are demanding to organize the lighting.

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