Yves Delorme store in Barvikha

Performed showroom lighting Yves Delorme in Barvikha.

Fragments of the execution of work on the installation of lines of light in the store of high-end linens. Linear fixtures are used in the project HOKASU 75/35 – A series of wide overhead luminaires with a color temperature of 5000K.

Realized rectangular structures with dimensions of 4 * 13m and 2.4 * 11m, - a total length of the line of light of 92 meters. In the photos you can see the professional installation without visible joints and gaps in the corners of structures.

Yves Delorme has been producing the highest quality linens since 1845. The factory was the first in France to offer its customers fabrics with printed patterns, thus making a revolution in its industry. Following the path of innovation, she was also the first to produce bedding from jacquard fabrics. Yves Delorme is a symbol of elegance and nobility of home furnishings not only in France, but also in other countries of the world, where the salons opened under this name.

Yves Delorme is a symbol of elegance and nobility in the home. Soft shades and elegant color combinations define this luxurious line, but first of all the tone is set by Evelyn Julien, the exclusive designer of Yves Delorme collection since 1989, who gives the defining freshness and novelty season after season. Thanks to her exceptional ability not only to keep up with fashion but also to anticipate its development, which is typical only for real stylists and designers, Evelyne Julien creates for Yves Delorme house a great collection every spring and essentially completes it in autumn.

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