Cinema lighting

The cinema as a leisure facility should create a favorable impression on visitors from the very entrance. A competent lighting system helps to cheer up guests, make interiors more spectacular, shape the image of the institution, reflect its general concept.

Goals and objectives

The lighting design should take into account the big difference in the functionality of the different areas of the cinema.

  • In the recreation area for visitors, near cinema bars, the light should be subdued, but sufficient for a long stay, so that a person can drink coffee, have lunch without experiencing visual fatigue. The recommended level of illumination is 300 lx.
  • In the corridors, toilets, halls, the lighting should be bright during the entire time the cinema is open. The recommended illumination rate is up to 500 lux.
  • In a movie theater, lighting systems are more complex. During the cleaning of the spectator seats, the light should be sufficient for the effective work of the attendants (about 150 lux). This is handled by general lighting lamps.
  • At the beginning of the film show, the lights are dimmed so that the outlines of chairs for late viewers are barely visible (about 75 lux). For the duration of the film screening, only emergency lighting is left on the steps of the stairs, in the side seats and above the emergency exits (about 20 lux) to guide people in the dark. Low-power light sources will not interfere with viewing.

Principles of creating cinema lighting systems

  • In summer cinemas and in halls with a capacity of less than 400 people, 3-, 4-step lighting off is allowed. In large rooms, the adjustment of the light intensity should be smooth.
  • The main lighting system in the auditorium must be connected to at least two power lines.
  • Lighting devices in the cinema must comply with the requirements of fire and environmental safety, PUE standards.
  • The lighting control system can be centralized. The use of modern interactive systems allows you to create different lighting scenarios, taking into account the number of visitors, the theme of the film, the importance of the show, etc.

Typical mistakes in cinema lighting systems

  • Use only the general lighting system.
  • Creates a directional light that casts shadows.
  • The use of standard lamps for emergency lighting, which in the dark blinds cinema visitors.

Cinema lighting equipment

For the main lighting of the cinema between screenings, it is recommended to choose built-in LED devices that are mounted in an acoustic ceiling or on separate suspensions.
To illuminate the steps, chairs along the aisles, small lamps and ribbons with blue or other muted colors are used that do not create a bright spot in the dark.
As auxiliary lighting, dimmable devices are mounted with two control methods: from the control room and from the entrance to the cinema.

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